Discover Santa Marta with
Brainteasers and Puzzles


Discover Santa Marta

Meeting point of the tour Discover Santa Marta with Brainteasers and Puzzles, is the pavilion in the Parque de los Novios. There the group will be divided into teams and each team will receive instructions. These instructions will take you along the most important places of the historic center. During the tour you will encounter with brainteasers and questions that must be resolved.

About this tour

For this Santa Marta Discovery tour, you can only register as a group, as the element of the competition adds great value to the tour. This tour will take place on any day of the week. Optionally, the tour starts at 09:00 AM or at 02:00 PM. To make the tour also accessible to families, the level of the route can be adapted for children. The tour is available in Spanish and English.

The price to participate in this tour amounts:

4 or less persons $ 60.000 COP p.p.

5 – 8 persons $ 50,000 COP p.p.

9 – 13 persons $ 40,000 COP p.p.

14 + persons $ 30,000 COP p.p.


 Contact point Rodadero
 C.C. Cristal Caribean
 Carrera 2  #8-50
 Local  A108
 Rodadero,  Santa Marta

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